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SWOT Analysis


Our areas include;


1)    School leadership and management

2)    School community relations

3)    Curriculum organization and implementation

4)    Teaching/learning and assessment

5)    Student progression and achievement

6)    Students welfare

7)    Infrastructure and school facilities


Below is an analysis of the institutions strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


1.1     Financial support from the ministry of education.

1.2     Technical support from the T.S.C.

1.3     Strategic location of the school.

1.4     Substantively appointed HODs who are experienced.

1.5     Operational statutory bodies (PTA, BOG) consisting of committed, learned members.

1.6     Substantively appointed principal with experience in headship.

2.1     Cordial relationship with the immediate school community.

2.2     Healthy relationship with the neighbouring schools.

2.3     A fairly wide and diversified curriculum.

3.1     Functional departments, timetables.

3.2     Well structured co-curriculum activities.

3.3     Qualified and experienced teaching staff.

3.4     Availability of KNEC and KIE syllabi.

4.1     Availability of teaching and learning resources e.g. books, teachers.

4.2     A fairly stocked functional library.

4.3     Fairly equipped laboratories.

4.4     Functional testing policy.

4.5     Timely coverage of syllabus.

5.1     Low drop out rate.

5.2     No repetition in classes.

5.3     Increased transition rates.

5.4     Improved mean score

6.1     Parent support through payment of fees, attendance of meetings and attending academic days.

6.2     Fairly adequate boarding facilities.

6.3     Fairly balanced diet.

6.4     Operational dispensary.

6.5     Diversified pastoral instruction.

6.6     Open communication between teachers and students (class/dorm meetings).

6.7     School bus to facilitate school trips.

7.1     Adequate land for expansion.

7.2     Fairly regular water, electricity supply.

7.3     Availability of permanent classrooms.

7.4     Availability of laboratories, staffroom, HOD offices.

7.5     Stand-by generator.

7.6     Student bed ratio 1 : 1.

7.7     Adequate water points.

7.8     Student desk ratio 1 : 1.

7.9     Enough stores for storage.

7.10  Adequate photo-copying and printing facilities.

7.11  Availability of staff houses.



1)            Inadequate infrastructure – classrooms, multi-purpose hall, toilets, library, water storage.

2)            Inadequate number of teaching staff.

3)            Inadequate funding by parents, G.O.K, donors.

4)            Broad departments.

5)            Some buildings are old and need massive funding to renovate.

6)            Inadequate water storage facilities.

7)            Alternative source of electric power not enough to cover the entire school compound.



1)            Regular attendance to seminars.

2)            Co-opting of old boys in the BOG and school management.

3)            Accessibility to military resources.

4)            Students get opportunities in military recruitments since they are more exposed to them and develop interests.

5)            Gilgil town offers residential site for the school workers and also offers investment opportunities for the teachers.

6)            Competition with good performing schools.

7)            Professional support from Education Offices.

8)            Donation of revision materials.

9)            Military can alert the school on issues of security.

10)         Supportive alumni.

11)         Guest speakers and internal examiners.

12)         Archeological sites and geographical sites e.g Kariandusi, Lake Elementaita, Hyrax Hill.

13)         Access to bank facilities and benefits e.g. bursary.

14)         Accessibility due to highway and railway.

15)         Cheap labour drawn from the community.

16)         Supply of construction materials and food stuffs and other supplies is facilitated by Gigil town and neighbourhood.

17)         Security facilitated by the military.

18)         Relatively stable political environment.

19)         Favourable Ministry of Education framework.

20)         Improved economic grown thereby empowering the school community.



1)            Price fluctuation of essential commodities.

2)            Delayed fees remittance by parents.

3)            Experienced staff transferred or more out due to promotion or better opportunities.

4)            HIV/AIDS pandemic leading to loss of parents and skilled personnel.

5)            Suspension of employment of new TSC teachers by the government.

6)            Water rationing (3days in a week).

7)            Experienced staff transferred or move out due to promotion or better opportunities.

8)            Suspension of employment of new TSC teachers by the government.





i)     Minimal interference from the political establishments.

ii)   The political good-will by the current political dispensation to support - Free Secondary Education.

i)    Due to diversity of ethnic groups students may be affected by political differences e.g. tribal clashes.




i)      Relatively stable economy thus fees payment is adequate.

ii)     Wings to fly, Upendo, Langalanga scholarship, Loldia, CDF pay fees for a whole year.


i)    Inflation, high lost of fuel and consumer goods.




i)      Wide cultural diversity helps students appreciate each other.

ii)     Military religions community support the school on matters of faith.

iii)   Being a D.E.B school we accommodate all faiths.


i)    Single and broken families affect students.

ii)   HIV and AIDS



i)     Access to the internet provides teaching and learning materials.

ii)    Availability of computer help in preparing, processing of examination results.

iii)  DSTV- students access variety of programmes.

iv)   Easy communication.

i)     Some students access pornography.

ii)   Cheating in exams.

iii) Easy target to thieves.

iv)  Computer virus and hacking.




i)     Quarry provides construction materials.

ii)    Prehistoric site, L. Elementaita, Hot spring are good sites for learning.

iii)  Enhanced security from the military.

iv)   Nearness to the highway provides easy transport.


i)     Proximity to Peri-urban e.g. Kikopey and Gilgil town poses threat of drugs and other vices.



i)     Banning of the use of grills on windows in dorms ensures safety of students during emergency.

ii)    Students find school friendly due to the ban of corporal punishment.



i)     Industrial unrest likely to occur.

ii)   Lack of grills posses a threat to students property.


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