The strategic direction for the next three years in order to strengthen the functions of KHS and improve the quality of teaching is captured by the following strategic objectives.


1)    Improvement of KCSE mean score from 8.751 to 10.20 by 2016.

2)    Obtain and maintain an appropriate ratio of students to teachers.

3)    Improvement of infrastructure by construction of 8 classrooms, dining hall, toilets and install water tanks.

4)    To break down current departments to smaller ones based on subjects.

5)    Boost textbooks students ratio 1:2

6)    Built up participatory governance

7)    Improve safety standards




Koelel High school was established in 1966 as a public school.  It is a county public, boarding boys’ secondary …

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B.O.M Members

BOM MEMBERS 2017 1 DR. JOSEPH .M. MWANGI 0727-280892 2 MR. ZACHARY .N. MWANGI 0721-391191 3 MR. SAMUEL M. …

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